Lego introduces Spike Prime robotics kit to teach kids how to code

Lego has announced a robotics kit designed to teach high school kids how to program. Spike Prime, as the kit is called, will be on the market in August and will be sold to primary schools, among others.

The Spike Prime robotics kit consists of 523 parts with which children can build all kinds of projects, such as a breakdancing robot and various vehicles. The kit is a bit more accessible than the Lego Mindstorms building sets and to program the sensors, motors and Technic bricks, the child-friendly, graphically oriented programming language Scratch is used.

Lego focuses emphatically on education with Spike Prime. For example, the toy manufacturer supplies the robotics kit complete with teaching materials. In addition, many of the builds can be completed in less than 45 minutes, including programming, so teachers can easily integrate Spike Prime into their lessons.

According to Lego, Spike Prime has been specially developed to give children more self-confidence when programming. With other programmable robotics kits, they would drop out too quickly, either because they were stuck or because the project is frustratingly complex.

The Spike Prime robotics kit will be available worldwide in August for a suggested retail price of $329.95. The kit is not only for sale for education, but also for private individuals.