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LeBron James does something back and opens school for children

LeBron (Raymone) James, often regarded as the best basketball player in the world and some even considered the greatest player of all time, has opened a school in his hometown of Arkansas, Ohio. But it is not just a school. The I Promise School can accommodate 240 pupils from underprivileged families. Because he grew up in poverty, he now decides to do something back. He even hopes to have space in his school for about 1,000 children in 2022.

The pupils are now provided with all comforts: free bicycles, free meals and mental support. The family of the children will also receive extra support in, for example, assistance with finding a job.

Opposite ESPN, his first interview after his transfer to the LA Lakers, he knows more about the I Promise School and why he is going to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the video below you can see the reaction of the children when they were allowed to enter the school for the first time.

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