The Spyra One is the most advanced water gun ever

With these temperatures a water fight sounds very tempting. But yes, water guns are usually made for small (er) children and even the Super Soakers do not allow to really go away. You often have to build up pressure by pumping and then your prey is usually out of reach. To solve all these problems at once, a number of people in Germany have built the ultimate water gun: the Spyra One.

The Spyra One is not so much a water gun as a water gun, because you need two hands to shoot with it. The design is very futuristic, because I know for sure that if you paint a Spyra black it can be included in a random sci-fi film. Clean lines, digital display to see how many bullets you still have, very cool. We are only available in red and blue unfortunately, but since the Kickstarter campaign has only just begun there will be some ‘stretch goals’ for other colors.

Wait a minute, did you say bullets?

Yes, bullets. The Spyra is different from other water guns because it specifically shoots measured amounts of water when you pull the trigger. Every time you do that, 30 ml (or a shot glass full) of water goes into a ‘bullet’ of about 60 centimeters ahead, without disassociating too much. You can assume up to 7.5 meters distance that a shot from a Spyra hit target and that leaves a clear water spot behind, say the makers.

Because it is measured so also the digital display is possible that shows how many shots you have in the tank. With a full Spyra you can shoot 25 times and if the counter is at zero they have also come up with a way to get back on quickly: there is a special refill button that you just need to hold down while the front of the gun is in the water is there and then the tank is topped up within 15 seconds. A built-in filter ensures that small particles in the water do not clog the case. This makes recharging the gun just as important a part of a water fight as shooting!

Batteries and delays

As you can see, the water gun also has a battery in it. It is rechargeable, safe from all the water that flies around and, according to the makers, lasts longer than you have to use water guns: you can fill the tank on a battery 45 times or 1125 shots before you have to take a break. Or yes, just: charging takes six hours, so if you want to make more shots than the 1125 in one day, it will be difficult. Another advantage of this battery is that it – in combination with a special manifold – ensures that the pressure with which the water comes out can be kept constant. The final shot from a Spyra, for example, goes just as fast towards the target as the first.

If you thought you could order now you have clearly not read the piece, because when the term Kickstarter falls you know that it will all take a little longer. How fat the Spyra One is, you will certainly not be able to play with it before August 2019. Are you sure that the summer is good next year, then you have to be willing to pay, because the water bazookas cost 120 euros each. On top of that also applies the usual Kickstarter advice: know that you do not buy anything, but give money in the hope that what you are promised will also come. Especially when you see that the planning is now that the water cannons will not be ready until the end of the summer next year, the chances are that you will not be able to shoot such a thing until 2020. Still very cool, but know what you’re starting.


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