Leaked: this is the new iPhone XS!

Earlier today, Apple sent the invitation for the iPhone keynote on September 12 . And now it is already known how the new flagship will be called: the successor to the iPhone X will be the iPhone XS, according to 9to5Mac .

This is the iPhone XS

9to5Mac emphasizes again: the above photo is not a mockup, but an actual product photo of the iPhone XS, coming from Apple. The photo confirms the arrival of a large and a small oled model. Last year at the iPhone X you could only choose from silver and spacegrijs, on the photo you can see a golden casing. It would be the first golden OLED iPhone. Apple previously registered with the FCC – the American telecom watchdog – a gold iPhone X but it never came on the market. Also the invitation from the keynote hint to a golden iPhone.

The iPhone XS is reportedly available in a 5.8 and 6.5-inch model. Both carry the name iPhone XS without adding. That is wonderful, Apple often sticks with the label ‘Plus’ with the larger iPhone. But that addition is not taken this year. On the other hand, the iPad Pro is also available in two sizes, and the measurements can not be derived from the name either.

How 9to5Mac comes to the photo, they leave in the middle, so we still have a battle around the keep arm. But the writer of the article, Guilherme Rambo, has proven to be extremely reliable last year. There is also a picture of the Apple Watch Series 4 .

September 12: three new iPhones

Apple would unveil three new iPhones on September 12th. In addition to the two XS models above, there is also a third model that is slightly more budget-proof. It has no oled, but an LCD screen and a single instead of a dual camera. This ‘ iPhone 9 ‘ would become available in various bright colors.

All three new iPhones would have the looks of the iPhone X. That is, a screen that covers almost the entire front, with narrow edges around it and a notch at the top. The Home button with Touch ID is missing, you unlock the phone with Face ID.