Keep your iPhone warm during winter sports

Your iPhone does not have it on cold weather. Now we do not have to be afraid of this for the time being, but if you are or are going on a winter sport, it is something to be reckoned with. In winter temperatures, the battery will empty faster and your device can even fall out spontaneously. With these tips you make sure your iPhone defies the cold winter weather.

1. Store your iPhone warm

 iPhone cold warm winter tip1

Your iPhone is not so good at extreme temperatures; so protect it as well as possible against the cold. The best thing is to keep your iPhone as close as possible to your body. Do not put it in a sports bracelet or pocket, but choose the inside pocket of your (ski) jacket.

2. Use it as little as possible

Of course, you want to occasionally take a snapshot of the sun-drenched snow landscapes, cool moves and the fact that you sit on your plate of pasta, but you do not make your iPhone happy with long photo sessions. According to Apple, you should use your iPhone at temperatures between 0 and 35 ° C. So keep your phone in your pocket as much as possible and, if necessary, operate it hands-free.

3. Give your iPhone a jacket

 iPhone X leather folio case

With a case, you protect your iPhone not only for all those drops and glides, it also isolates your iPhone from the cold. There are even special covers that hold the heat.

4. Turn off mobile data

 turn off mobile data

The apps you use to measure your performance in the snow use the GPS signal. So you do not need an internet connection to use those apps. Because your iPhone constantly searches for the best range, which is a lot of searching in the mountains, and at the expense of the battery, you can turn off the mobile data. Go to ‘Settings> Mobile network’ and set the switch behind ‘Mobile data’ to gray.

5. Use a power bank

Especially if the battery of your iPhone is already a bit older, it is a good idea to bring a power bank. This way you can be sure that your winter sports will come with a full battery. However, the battery of a power bank also has trouble with the low temperatures, so keep it warm too.

Bonus tip: Leave your iPhone “at home”

 iPhone wintersport

Are you in possession from an Apple Watch Series 3 or 4? Then you can enjoy your iPhone by the fire – not too close! – leave in your winter sports residence. Your Apple Watch actually knows everything about your skiing and snowboarding activities. Especially with three of our favorite winter sports apps for the Apple Watch.