Kali Linux includes undercover mode to impersonate Windows 10

The developers of security pro-focused Kali Linux have added an undercover mode to the distro that allows users to quickly pretend to be on a Windows 10 machine to remain unobtrusive.

Kali Undercover is part of Kali Linux 2019.4, which was released this week. In fact, it is an integrated theme that can be called up via the terminal, after which the desktop environment gives the impression of Windows 10, including the Windows start button, explorer, desktop background and trashcan. According to the developer, the mode is intended for users who do not want to stand out with their OS, for example because of the striking Kali dragon in the background.

With Kali Linux 2019.4, the distro also makes the switch from Gnome to the lightweight Xfce, partly because of the overhead of Gnome. However, a Gnome build is still available. Also present is PowerShell. Finally, the developers announce that 2019.4 is the last release to support 8GB SD cards on ARM. As of version 2020.1, 16GB is the minimum storage capacity for SD cards that the OS supports.

Kali Linux is primarily aimed at security professionals and includes standard functionality in the field of digital forensics, auditing and pentesting. The software is managed by Offensive Security.