Age of Empires IV will help beginning players based on play style

Microsoft is providing its upcoming RTS game Age of Empires IV with several ways to help novice players get started. Among other things, the game will receive analytics-based tutorials, with the level of help depending on the level of play.

Age of Empires IV will take advantage of many features not available in previous games in the franchise to onboard new players and help them play, creative director Adam Isgreen told Pcgamesn. He gives the example of how the increased computing power makes analytic-based tutorialising possible: “We can now do things where we see how players play and say ‘hey, did you know you could do this’ or ‘hey, there’s something cool that you don’t’.”

He also references the Art of War missions of Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, which have their origins in the development of Age of Empires IV. According to Isgreen, the missions as they came in Age of Empire 2: Definitive Edition are “just the beginning.” The Art of War missions are missions that teach players important strategies and prepare them for RTS matches. For example, they learn to avoid being caught off guard quickly in the game. Incidentally, some other RTS games have similar missions, such as the Challenge missions in StarCraft II.

This week Isgreen made against GamesRadar It is known that authentic history plays a major role and that a lot of research has been done on the different civilizations. For example, Relic employees would have gone to various places in the world to conduct research, including Mongolia. Microsoft showed the first images in mid-November that should give an impression of the gameplay. It is unknown when the game will be released.