John McAfee wants to crack San Bernardino iPhone to prevent backdoors

John McAfee, founder of McAfee, has offered to decrypt the iPhone found in the San Bernardino shooting. With this he wants to prevent Apple from having to make backdoors for its software and expresses his support, just like Facebook and Twitter do.

McAfee speaks out strongly against the FBI on Business Insider. According to McAfee, he and a group of hackers can bypass the encryption of the phone within three weeks. He further uses his Business Insider article as a platform to criticize the FBI’s own practices and ignorance. If he doesn’t succeed, he promises to eat his shoe. McAfee is currently running as a United States presidential candidate for the libertarian party. McAfee itself no longer has a hand in the security software of the same name.

McAfee is a strong believer in preserving encryption and claims he is making the offer to prevent the installation of backdoors in smartphones from becoming a reality. With this he joins other parties who are behind Apple in the discussion about the iPhone that is supposedly used by one of the shooters. Apple refuses to disable the auto-erase feature and allow passcodes to be sent to iPhone through the external port without additional delay.

After Google previously expressed support for Apple’s position, the CEOs of WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook have now also joined Apple. WhatsApp CEO and co-founder Jan Koum has announced on Facebook that he agrees with everything Tim Cook says in the open letter. Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey leaves the same know on Twitter. Facebook itself told various media that it is fighting against demands that encryption be weakened. Microsoft has also said it opposes the idea of ​​installing backdoors, but expressed no specific support for Apple in a message via Reform Government Surveillance, a group that Microsoft is part of.