Jaguar extends ‘practical reach’ of I-Pace with free software update

Jaguar has made a software update for its I-Pace electric car that would improve field range. After the update, owners of the car can use the battery pack up to 8 percent more. That would increase the practical range by 8 percent.

According to Jaguar, the range according to the wltp standard does not change. That is set at 470km and even after the software update it remains the same. In practice, I-Pace owners should have more range, through improved battery management and optimizations to thermal systems and the torque distribution of the awd system.

Jaguar allows I-Pace owners with the update to use 8 percent more of the battery and thus reduce the energy buffer. The active slats in the grille also close more often after the update, which benefits aerodynamics. This is the result of an adjustment of the temperature management.

Jaguar claims the improvements were made as a result of experience with the I-Pace eTrophy, which is a variant of the car used for racing. Data from 80 million kilometers driven from the production version was also used to create the new software.

Owners of the I-Pace can have the software updates installed for free from the Jaguar dealer. The update also ensures that more software features can be installed via over-the-air updates in the future.

Jaguar I-Pace and I-Pace eTrophy