iPhone 14 Rumors: These 4 Changes Are Coming

The iPhone 13 is less than two months old, but Apple analysts are never sitting still and speculation about the next model is already raging. Where the iPhone 13 was a modest update, next year’s model would have been completely renewed. These are the iPhone 14 rumors so far.

1. iPhone 14 Rumors: No More Notch

The ‘notch’, the notch at the top of the screen, will disappear. Instead, there will be a small camera hole, and the Face ID sensors will be processed under the screen. It is possible that Apple is not yet able to achieve the latter: in that case, these sensors are also in the camera hole, making the hole slightly larger.

2. Retro design

The design will resemble that of the iPhone 4, with glass plates on the front and back that protrude from the metal bezel. So this is a very different look than the recessed glass on the current model. According to the latest rumours, the rear cameras no longer protrude: no more wobbling on the table!

3. Much more megapixels

The wide-angle camera gets a completely new sensor. It has a resolution of 48 megapixels, compared to 12 megapixels. This gives photos in good light a very high resolution, and you can print them larger than ever.

In dark situations, pixels are combined. Smaller pixels catch less light, and therefore give less good results in the dark. By combining four pixels, they also give as good results in the dark as the currently larger pixels. As a result, photos in the dark are ‘only’ 12 megapixels.

4. Goodbye mini

Sad news for fans of a smaller phone: the mini model is disappearing. On the contrary, we get a larger iPhone 14 Max, which brings the larger screen size of the current Pro Max models to the ‘standard’ iPhone.