iPhone 13: 5x you don’t have to expect this

Speculation about the iPhone 13 has been buzzing all year, and as the unveiling draws near, the clouds of dust are slowly rising. Some rumors turn out to be too good to be true. These are a number of things that you should not expect from the iPhone 13.

1. iPhone 13 without notch

Ever since the iPhone X, the front of the iPhone has been all screen, with a notch at the top. Not everyone is equally charmed by this ‘bite from the screen’. There were rumors about the disappearance of the iPhone 13 notch; the camera would then be incorporated into the screen. But unfortunately: we are not finished with the notch yet. He does seem to be a lot more subtle on the iPhone 13, and that is already a lot.

2. Different design

If you think that the iPhone 13 will have a different design, then we have to disappoint you. It’s probably almost identical to the iPhone 12. Only a few minor details will be different. We just wrote that the notch is getting smaller. The camera module on the back is also different. For example, the camera lenses on the iPhone 13 (mini) are in a diagonal arrangement instead of a vertical one. Of course there will be some new iPhone 13 colors!

3. Touch ID comeback

A few years ago, Apple traded Touch ID (the fingerprint scanner) for Face ID (facial recognition). But people massively longed for Touch ID, especially when we had to wear masks during the pandemic. Apple investigated the return of Touch ID in a different form, for example under the screen or on the power button as with the iPad Air. But it probably won’t happen this year.

4. No more cables

Last year, Apple introduced MagSafe on the iPhone 12. This makes the iPhone suitable for magnetic accessories, such as the MagSafe charger with which you can charge your phone wirelessly. Many people saw this as the first step towards a completely wireless iPhone, without a lightning port. And maybe this will happen in the near future, with the iPhone 14 it might be time! But not just yet.

5. With USB-C connection

At the same time, there was also much speculation about an iPhone with a USB-C connection. Recent MacBook, iPad Air and iPad Pro models already have such a connection. Moreover, there is pressure from the EU: they are arguing for one universal charging standard for all smartphones. But if Apple goes completely wireless with the iPhone 14, we don’t expect them to completely change it for that one year.

When will we know more?

It’s now September, and we expect the iPhone 13 to be announced this month.