iPadOS 14.7 is out: download it!

Earlier this week iOS 14.7 was released for the iPhone and iPadOS 14.7 has now also been released for the iPad. What’s new in this update?

iPadOS 14.7: What’s New?

Until now, the iOS and iPadOS updates always appeared at the same time, but this week Apple took a different approach. iOS 14.7 appeared on Monday evening, but an update for the iPad was not forthcoming. iPadOS 14.7 is now also available for download. It’s not clear why Apple split the updates this time. iOS 14.7 may have had to be released a bit faster due to the release of the iPhone 12 power bank MagSafe Battery Pack: 14.7 is a requirement for this.

You can read what’s new for your iPad and which bugs have been fixed with this update in the release notes from Apple:

  • Added to the Home app the ability to manage timers on the HomePod
  • In the Podcasts library you can now choose whether you want to see all shows or only watched shows
  • ‘Share Playlist’ menu option was missing in Apple Music
  • Playback of Dolby Atmos and Lossless audio in Apple Music may have stopped unexpectedly
  • Invalid information could be displayed on braille displays when writing e-mail messages
  • Audio could skip when using USB‑C to 3.5mm headphone adapters with the iPad

Download iPadOS 14.7

Downloading iPadOS 14.7 is free. Sometime in the coming days, the red update bubble will automatically appear in the Settings app, but you can download iPadOS 14.7 yourself right now.

You download and install iPadOS 14.7 via ‘Settings>General>Software Update’. Make sure you are on a Wi-Fi network and that your battery is sufficiently charged or that your iPad is connected to the power.