iOS 12 release on September 17

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On Monday, September 17, iOS 12 will be released. Apple has announced the date of the iOS 12 release tonight. Your iPhone or iPad will be much faster thanks to this update, and there are many new features.

New in iOS 12

Apple announced iOS 12 during the WWDC in June. The whole summer there has been tested with beta software. These are the most striking innovations of iOS 11 in a nutshell:

  • Measuring. Augmented reality has been a gimmick so far, but this brand new iOS 12 app shows how practical it can be. You can measure objects with them, and the outcome is more precise than you would expect.
  • Assignments. This system helps you to create task sequences based on building blocks that your iPhone or iPad automatically performs. If you give a task sequence a name too, then you just have to name it and Siri will start working for you.
  • Screen time. Have you been tethered to your iPhone too often and for too long? This new feature makes clear how your smartphone addiction is and helps you to take measures.
  • Memoji. Last year we met animoji – moving emoji that mimic your facial expression. And this year there are the memoji: they look like you.
  • Photos. Photos will help you to better search your expanding photo collection with a new extensive search function. There is a new tab, For you, that reminds you of special moments. And sharing photos is much easier.

In addition, there are countless small innovations. iBooks is now called Books and has undergone a metamorphosis. Do not disturb is extended so that your phone calls occurs in uncomfortable places or moments. And notifications are now neatly ordered per app. The next time you will find a lot of tips on this website iOS 12 !

Updating to iOS 12

Updating to iOS 12 is therefore possible on September 17, expected at 7:00 PM.

The new iPhones – the iPhone Xs (Max) and the iPhone Xr already come with iOS 12 on it. All devices that were suitable for iOS 11 can also handle iOS 12. In the list below you can see which devices are all suitable for iOS 12.



iPod touch

Updates for all Apple operating systems

In addition to the iPhone and iPad you will soon have all your Update Apple devices. Because next to iOS 12, Apple also confirmed the release of macOS Mojave watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 .

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