iOS 12 beta 6 is out: this is new

Just a week after the release of iOS 12 beta 5 iOS 64 beta 6 is already running. The fact that the time between the releases is getting shorter usually indicates that the final version is getting closer. And indeed, in about a month Apple will present the new iPhone and a week later the new iOS will appear. What has changed in the latest beta?


iOS 12

iOS 12 is an update that is mainly focused on stability, speed and quality. It runs on all devices that can handle iOS 11, and they get even faster – including the now ‘antique’ iPhone 5s from 2013. In addition, iOS 12 also contains a number of new features. With Screen time you keep an eye on your iPhone usage, thanks to the new app Shortcuts (Shortcuts) automate your frequently recurring tasks and on the iPhone X you create an emoji of yourself: a Memoji!

New in iOS 12 beta 6

On iOS 12 beta 6, no major new features have been added that you should try right away. It mainly concerns small improvements and problem solutions. For example, new home screens have been added to a number of apps (App Store, Books and Music for example), the old iOS 10 wallpapers have been removed and there is a new AirPlay icon on the access screen. The apartment has experienced the biggest external changes. Here the background photos have been replaced with new color gradients.

iOS 12 beta 6 download

The iOS 12 beta 6 is currently only available to developers with a paid license. But there will also be a free trial version for all those interested in the short term.

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