Investment company behind Plesk buys cPanel

The American company cPanel, known for the hosting panel of the same name, has announced that it has been acquired by the investor Oakley Capital. In 2017, it also took over Plesk, which is known for its vps management software SolusVM, among other things.

No acquisition amount is mentioned in the announcement by cPanel. The company expects the acquisition to allow it to invest in new products and features. cPanel’s headquarters will remain in Houston, Texas. It has a total of 220 employees and claims to have customers in more than 70 countries.

In an also published FAQ, the company further reports that the current CEO, Nick Koston, will remain in his position. It does not expect any immediate changes for existing customers, so the name will remain the same and there are no planned changes in releases.

Oakley Capital, which is headquartered in London, is an investment firm that owns several venture capitals. In May of last year, it acquired Plesk, which also offers a hosting panel. One of the differences is that Plesk runs on Windows Server, while cPanel doesn’t have that support. Plesk in turn acquired SolusVM in June, which supplies software for vps management, among other things.