Internet Archive Adds 2,500 Browser-Playable MS-DOS Games

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The Internet Archive has added over 2,500 MS-DOS games to its site. The games can be played in the browser via an emulator. The new games include titles such as Redneck Rampage, WipEout, SimCity 2000 and Star Wars TIE Fighter.

MS-DOS games have been available to play through The Internet Archive since 2015. At the time, more than 2300 games were put online. In the years that followed, new games were occasionally added, but now suddenly a huge load of 2541 games has been added. The major update is due to the eXoDOS project, which focuses on collecting DOS games and making them playable on modern systems.

The new games include well-known classics, including PlayStation game WipEout, which came out in 1995 and also appeared for MS-DOS that same year. Leisure Suit Larry 6, Alone in the Dark, Discworld, Full Throttle and Star Wars X-Wing have also been added.

The total number of MS-DOS games that can be played via The Internet Archive now stands at 6900. The site notes that not all games run equally smoothly on old hardware and warns that some games require a download of hundreds of megabytes.

Redneck Rampage

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