Intel shows Meteor Lake processor with Lpddr5x memory on the package

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Intel has shown off a Meteor Lake laptop processor with on-package Lpddr5x memory. The company did this in a demonstration of its advanced packaging techniques Foveros and Emib.

In the demonstration video it can be seen that two Lpddr5x-7500 dies from Samsung with a total capacity of 16GB have been placed on the Foveros package of the four Meteor Lake chiplets. By placing the memory on the package together with the processor, the performance of the CPU should be improved. Although the precise configuration of the processor is not known, it is possible according to Tom’s Hardware delivering a peak bandwidth of 120GB/s. That’s more than the peak of the DDR5-5200 and Lpddr5-6400. This also makes it possible to keep the portable Meteor Lake devices more compact and thinner.

On the other hand, this also means that if the memory chip malfunctions, the entire CPU may no longer work, writes Tom’s Hardware. This also requires a more complex cooling system, because both the processor and the memory must be cooled. It is unclear whether Meteor Lake products with such on-package Lpddr5x memory will actually appear on the market. The Meteor Lake laptop processors will be officially unveiled this month.

Apple has been using on-package Lpddr for its M1 and M2 chips for some time now. Intel has also been using package-on-package technology for its DRAM memory for its Atom CPUs for thin laptops and tablets for some time, and the company recently used in-package DRAM for its hybrid Lakefield processor.

Intel Meteor Lake with Lpddr5x memory

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