Mediatek has developed the first Dimensity SoC on TSMC’s 3nm process

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Mediatek has developed its first chips on TSMC’s 3nm process. Mass production of the Dimensity SoC should begin later this year. The company uses TSMC’s N3E node, which should be up to eighteen percent faster than N5 with the same power consumption.

Mediatek say that the first new Dimensity system-on-a-chip has rolled off the production line at TSMC. This is the company’s first SoC built on TSMC’s N3E process, TSMC’s 3nm technology. These are most likely not TSMC’s first 3nm chips; The iPhone 15 will be released later this month and it looks like it will have the first SoC made on 3nm.

However, the new Dimensity SoC is Mediatek’s first using that process. The company announced its N3 series last year and said earlier this year that it wanted to start volume production of the N3E chips in the second half of this year. Mediatek is now repeating that; the company says it plans to begin volume production of what it has made now later this year.

According to Mediatek, the new SoCs would be about 18 percent faster than previous SoCs made on TSMC N5, with the same power consumption. At the same speeds, the SoCs would use about 32 percent less power, the company says. The logic density of N3E is also approximately 60 percent higher than TSMC N5, although the total density increases by approximately 30 percent.

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