Intel shows its own overclocking software and announces new Core X CPUs

Intel has announced its own overclocking software at Computex that can automatically overclock individual cores. In addition, the manufacturer announced a number of Xeon and vPro processors, and announced that new Core X processors are coming.

Intel’s own overclocking software is called Intel Performance Maximizer and is currently only compatible with Intel’s latest K processors, the i5-9600K(F), i7-9700K(F) and the i9-9900K(F). The software runs under Windows and analyzes each processor core for maximum clock frequency and voltage. Then the software automatically overclocks the processor. Intel also showed a future version of the software that will run on hedt systems and can overclock individual cores. The software will be available before the end of the year.

The overclocking software is not the only thing that will be available at the end of 2019. Intel also indicated that we will have to wait until the fourth quarter for the Core i9-9900KS processor. Intel announced that CPU on Computex. It is a variant of the i9-9900K, where all eight cores can run at 5GHz. The chip manufacturer also showed new Core X processors for the hedt platform. Those processors will appear in the fall. Presumably it concerns Cascade Lake X CPUs.

Finally, Intel introduced 14 ‘new’ processors with vPro. It concerns existing ninth generation mobile and desktop CPUs, which can now also be supplied with the management functionality. In addition, there was the announcement of Xeon E processors, with the fastest variant having a turbo clock of 5GHz.