Intel: Number of peripherals with Thunderbolt 3 doubles annually

According to Intel, there are now 450 Thunderbolt 3 certified peripherals, and that number has doubled annually. The company expects significant growth through the integration into USB 4 and its processors.

Not only does the number of Thunderbolt 3 peripherals double every year, but so does the total number of PCs with the interface, Intel announced. In total, there are more than four hundred different PCs with Thunderbolt 3. Intel announces the figures with the announcement that the company has released the specification for the Thunderbolt protocol to the USB Promoter Group.

That USB organization announced on Monday that it would integrate the protocol into the USB 4 specification. This gives it a maximum dual-channel throughput of 40 Gbit/s and support for various display protocols.

Together with the integration of Thunderbolt 3 in the upcoming 10nm Ice Lake generation of Intel processors, the merger of USB 4 should ensure further growth of the interface. In any case, Intel emphasizes that it will continue to closely monitor the certification of Thunderbolt equipment and cables. By releasing the specification, chip makers will be able to make chips compatible with the protocol royalty-free, potentially driving down prices for Thunderbolt 3 equipment.