Intel closes its app store

Intel is closing its app store for Windows systems. The AppUp store will close its doors on March 11, and from March 15, 2015, some apps will no longer work. With AppUp, Intel hoped to distinguish itself by letting manufacturers and stores offer their own app stores.

Intel has announced the shutdown of AppUp on the platform’s page. The company does not explain the closure, other than ‘when thinking about the future, you often have to make changes in the present’. As of March 11, 2014, no more apps can be downloaded from the AppUp Center. Apps will continue to work as long as users keep the client installed. However, downloading and opening apps through the client will stop and apps that require a connection to the client will stop working after March 15, 2015.

With the AppUp center, Intel tried to capitalize on the growing popularity of app stores. In 2010, the platform opened its doors to European users. Intel mainly saw opportunities in netbooks and later in tablets and ultrabooks. AppUp was there for Windows users but also had to extend the functionality of Intel’s own Moblin, later Meego, operating system.

Intel mainly wanted to give manufacturers and stores the opportunity to open app stores on the platform, and Asus, Acer, Best Buy and Dixons, among others, also did this. However, many users did not get AppUp and after the arrival of the Windows Store it seemed unlikely that this would change.