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Instagram test tapping instead of scrolling by Discover tab

Instagram is testing a new way of browsing through posts in the Discover tab in the app. In addition, users can tap to go to the next item, just like it is now in Stories. The test does not take place in the feed.

The test should probably show how users respond to being able to tap to the next post instead of having to swipe. Instagram makes it clear that it is about tapping with a fullscreen introduction of the test, reports Matt Navara of The Next Web.

For the time being, it only concerns the Discover tab with the magnifying glass and not the own feed where users see posts from contacts. The way of browsing Instagram posts is similar to what it is in Stories.

Instagram parent company Facebook has confirmed the test but does not want to explain the plans with the test. However, the social network says it has no plans to change the way to go to next posts in their own feed.

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