Star Citizen makes simulating facial expression of player possible

Starting with the Alpha 3.3, Star Citizen players can use their webcam to return their facial expressions to the game. From Star Citizen: Squadron 42 a new trailer appeared.

Face over IP, as the function is called, works with standard webcams and with the help of the reference points on eyes, nose, mouth and lips, the corresponding facial expression is simply animated, says Cloud Imperium that developed the Faceware Tech option in an interview with Gamespot

Other features of Alpha 3.3 are the new mission type Scramble Race and the arrival of new weapons and ten new spacecraft . The Object Contain Streaming technique should provide higher framerates and less cpu load and there are now ai-opponents on planets, for fps mode.

From the single-star campaign Star Citizen: Squadron 42 CIG made a new trailer available, with guest roles for Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill, and Andy Serkis.