Indie game No Mario’s Sky lives on as DMCA’s Sky

No Mario’s Sky, a parody of No Man’s Sky starring the famed Italian plumber, has been taken offline. Nintendo summoned the maker with a dmca request to stop distributing the game. The game has now been re-released as DMCA’s Sky.

No Mario’s Sky was released on August 30 by developer ASMB Games. The game features procedurally generated planets that look like levels from Mario games. With the push of a button, players enter a spaceship, which they can maneuver to another planet – and thus another level. The game was created in 72 hours during game development event Ludum Dare 36.

For a long time No Mario’s Sky was unavailable. After lawyers from Nintendo America sent a takedown notice, the makers took the game offline. However, the game can now be played again, but in a slightly different form. ASMB Games has removed the Mario references from the game and reintroduced the game as DMCA’s Sky.

The new game offers the same gameplay as No Mario’s Sky, but now Spaceman Finn takes the lead. The goal is to find Princess Mango, “in an infinite universe – which may not contain mangoes,” according to the creators. DMCA’s Sky is free to download for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

No Mario’s Sky (top) and DMCA’s Sky (bottom)