Image shows notification center Windows Phone 8.1

An image has surfaced showing the notification center that is believed to be introduced with Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft seems to be calling the system Action Center. The image seems to confirm previous rumors.

The image was posted online by the Spanish site Winphollowers and comes from an internal presentation at Microsoft. According to the website, the so-called Action Center, similar to other mobile operating systems, can be opened by a slide gesture from the top of the screen. At the top of the notification screen are a number of shortcuts; wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode and a driving mode.

Furthermore, the notifications are sorted by app. Developers are given several options when displaying notifications, Winphollowers said. For example, notifications can also be ‘refreshed’, for example in apps that display the results of sports matches. Notifications can also disappear automatically, for example if they have become irrelevant due to the passage of time. An example of this would be calendar appointments.

Previously, images of the notification center of Windows Phone 8.1 came out, although at the time it was still about mock-ups that were supposed to give an indication of the functionality. Microsoft has been working on improving notifications in its mobile operating system for some time now. Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be released in May.