‘Snowden used simple web crawler software’

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has used relatively simple ‘web crawler’ software to collect numerous classified documents, according to American sources. Snowden would not have been hindered in his work.

The web crawler used by Snowden, simple and widely available software, is said to have accessed numerous documents and performed its work to a high degree of automation. According to The Times of India, the whistleblower has had access to 1.7 million classified NSA documents, with the paper citing sources who are investigating further.

According to NSA investigators, Snowden did not use sophisticated tricks to loot classified documents. The web crawler used by Snowden is said to have collected a large number of secret documents through the use of hyperlinks.

Snowden’s web crawler software and his “gathering work” reportedly set off a number of alarm bells during Snowden’s work as a system administrator at the NSA. Despite this, he managed to loot numerous documents.