Idera: Free SQL Server Tools

Idera provides many free best SQL Server monitoring tools. Idera provides tools for monitoring and performance tool, backup & administration, security & compliance, development and database management.

Monitoring & Performance:

Comprehensive SQL monitoring, management, and performance tools to help you find & fix issues fast.

  • SQL Check: Free real-time performance monitoring for SQL.
  • SQL Fragmentation Analyzer: Detect fragmentation hotspots across SQL Servers.
  • SQL XEvent Profiler: SQL XEvent efficiency with SQL Profiler simplicity.
  • SQL Heat Map: View SQL Server storage utilization.
  • SQL Page Viewer: Easily access SQL Server page data.
  • SQL Update Statistics: Update out-of-date SQL Server statistics.
  • SQL Statistics Aggregator: Simplify SQL query tuning.
  • SQL Hekaton Memory Check: Monitor SQL Memory-optimized tables.
  • SQL Instance Check: Discover SQL Servers and Check for Version Updates.
  • SQL BI Check: Monitor the performance of your SQL BI stack.
  • SQL Query Store Optimizer: Improve SQL Server Query Store performance.
  • MySQL Query Explorer: Monitor and Tune MySQL Queries.

Backup & Administration

Easily backup SQL Servers and streamline day-to-day tasks with these must-have products.

  • SQL Backup Status Reporter: View SQL Server backup history.
  • SQL Integrity Check: Identify SQL Server corruption areas.
  • SQL Job Manager: View and manage SQL Server jobs across multiple servers.
  • PowerShell Plus: Learn and master PowerShell fast.
  • PowerShell Scripts for SQL: 89 free scripts to simplify SQL Server administration.

Security & Compliance

Improve SQL Server audits, strengthen permissions security & alert on data changes in your environment.

  • SQL Permissions Extractor: Easily extract and migrate SQL user permissions.
  • SQL Column Search: Identify Potentially Sensitive Data in SQL Server Tables.


Quickly manage database development with these easy-to-use tools.

  • Rapid Database Extractor: Simplify Oracle and SQL Server database exploration.

Even more, tools to find and fix SQL Server performance problems, diagnostic and troubleshooting in minutes.