ICT supplier Accenture has recovered from a short Lockbit ransomware attack

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ICT company Accenture has been hit by ransomware. The company confirms it has been affected by Lockbit, but says it has many of its services back up and running. Files have been leaked in the meantime.

Accenture would have been affected by the Lockbit ransomware, the criminals say, according to a journalist from CNBC. The criminals reportedly threaten to disclose a lot of information about the company. Affected systems have since been fully restored, Accenture said in a statement to Reuters. “We discovered anomalies in our network environments and immediately isolated the infected servers,” the company said. Accenture also says it has used backups to restore the systems. According to the company, the ransomware infection has not affected the operation of the company or the systems that customers run.

The criminals did leak information from the company. According to The Record, it would not be sensitive information, but internal documents such as employee manuals and marketing material. At the time of writing, it is not yet clear how the criminals managed to get into Accenture. The company is one of the largest ICT multinationals in the world, and advises and assists other companies with their cybersecurity.

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