‘IBM considers selling part of its server branch’

IBM is considering selling the part of its server branch that is aimed at the low-end market, sources of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal report. Dell, the third largest server manufacturer, would be interested in the low-end part.

It’s not clear how concrete IBM’s plans are to sell its low-end server division; according to The Wall Street Journal, the company is “exploring” the possibility of divesting the division. The newspaper claims to have heard this from anonymous sources.

Dell is said to be interested in buying the server division, but it’s unclear how serious that interest is. Last summer, according to the WSJ, IBM attempted to sell its x86 server division to Lenovo; the talks about this would have been at an advanced stage. It’s unclear if those talks have been shelved, or if the x86 division is still being sold.

IBM would like to focus more on the high-end market and the sale of services. IBM previously sold its PC business to Lenovo.