Hubble space telescope in safe mode due to technical problems

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The Hubble Space Telescope has been in safe mode since Monday evening due to technical problems. The research being done using the telescope has been halted. NASA is currently investigating what’s going on.

On Twitter reports NASA that the telescope has put itself in safe mode after there were “synchronization problems with the telescope’s internal communications.” Further, NASA has not disclosed any details. It is the second time this year that problems with the space telescope have prevented research.

In July, the NASA team had to switch the Hubble telescope’s systems to backup hardware after technical difficulties. The investigation was then halted for a month. It is not clear how long the problems will last this time or whether they can be solved.

The telescope was launched in 1990 and has been orbiting the Earth ever since. It remains to be seen how long the space telescope will last. Over the past three decades, researchers have been able to investigate other galaxies with the Hubble telescope.

The successor to Hubble is currently being prepared to go into space. The James Webb telescope is due to be launched later this year. The launch has been delayed several times, but is currently scheduled for December 18.

Source: NASA

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