Huawei hints at phone cameras with ‘zoom’ at P30 event announcement

Huawei has announced its event where it will showcase the P30 smartphones. It will take place on March 26 in Paris. The teaser video points out that the phones’ cameras have different angles of view to allow for a wider ‘zoom range’.

In the teaser video with the announcement shows how the image zooms in on, among other things, the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe in Paris to an extent that is not possible with current smartphones. Huawei’s own P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro both have a camera with an angle of view that allows the equivalent of 3x zoom over the regular camera, with a focal length of 81mm in 35mm equivalent. Oppo is working on a camera system for smartphones with a focal length of 150mm in 35mm terms. Regular smartphone cameras typically have a focal length of around 27mm in 35mm equivalent.

The announcement of the event comes as no surprise, as Huawei’s Polish division had already announced that the event would take place around that time. This confirms that the Chinese manufacturer will not present its next high-end smartphones in the P series at the Mobile World Congress telecom fair next week. Huawei will show a model with a folding screen and 5G there, the manufacturer said earlier. There have been rumors about the P30 for some time. Case makers have already put renders of the design online.

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