Huawei Banned From The Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association: No More Wi-Fi and SD cards

We recently reported that the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, Huawei was suspended from the SD Association hence Huawei the microSD card slot in their future smartphones, tablets, and other devices will not be able to implement.

But after the suspension of the SD Association is now the natural & # 39; the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer Huawei now from the Wi-Fi Alliance and the JEDEC suspended, who is responsible for certifying devices with WiFi and components with RAM, respectively.

If the resignation of ARM had already begun assuming that the Chinese brand Huawei will not be able to introduce more smartphones to the market, they are currently essential to use their technology, now Huawei is suspended to have absolute power in the association.

With the SD Association, a company has to pay around $ 2000 a year to be able to use its technologies, access specifications, and in principle have compatible slots with microSD cards in mobile telephones. If they are left out as a member of the association, they have no access to it.

Since the SD Association is based in California in the United States and the Wi-Fi Alliance are based in Austin, Texas, which is also located in the United States . Therefore, this association gives two options for companies to be members, as an “implementer or contributor”.

In the implementer case, a company can implement unchanged WiFi chips that have previously been certified by the association. In addition, they can use certified product logos and access final documents of each specification. In the case of contributors, a company can only gain access to the development and testing of each standard, as well as marketing tactics and benefit participants of their membership status.

While in the case of the Chinese giant Huawei, they were not only performers and employees, but they went a step further and also sponsored the association in an exclusive group of 14 companies, including the technical giants such as Apple [19659014] Intel Microsoft Qualcomm LG Nokia and Samsung. Hence, this membership status is “temporarily limited”, as announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance, while the entire dispute is settled.

In addition, the Wi-Fi Alliance and JEDEC, which are responsible for standardizing components such as RAM, is based in Arlington, Virginia, another United States association that would clearly join the barrier. Interestingly enough, however, it was not the association that drove the Chinese giant Huawei away, but it is the Chinese giant Huawei has decided to leave.

However, the fact is that the conflict could be resolved without the Chinese brand Huawei being forced into all the problems of companies such as ARM and Google to face. , as well as those who could not implement WiFi in their future smartphones.

As the President of the United States, Donald Trump stated that he was banning Huawei within a larger trade agreement with China, so this whole situation can still be an uncertain fear. What do you think of this? Easily share all your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below. And if you liked this post, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.