HTC announces Vive Pro Eye with built-in eye tracking and shows Vive Cosmos

HTC has made several announcements about its VR glasses Vive during CES. The manufacturer releases the Vive Pro Eye with eye tracking for business VR applications. For consumers, there will be the Vive Cosmos glasses with inside-out tracking.

The integrated eye tracking of the Vive Pro Eye makes it possible to operate menus with eye movements, so that controllers are no longer needed and the glasses can be used by people who, for whatever reason, cannot use their arms or hands. use. In addition, the display can be improved by foveated rendering, where the parts that the user is looking at can be rendered with more detail.

The Vive Cosmos is a new consumer Vive glasses that can be used both at home and on the road and works in combination with both smartphones and PCs. The glasses have inside-out tracking and therefore do not require external sensors to track movements. There are two front facing cameras and two side cameras. In addition, HTC is showing two controllers for the Cosmos. Later this week, HTC will announce more about the Pro Eye and Cosmos variants of the Vive. It is clear that developer kits will be released for the Vive Cosmos in early 2019 and that the Pro Eye will be released in the second quarter.

HTC announced that it has added 1,000 games to its Viveport platform in a year and that it will offer a monthly subscription for unlimited access to that platform starting April 5. In addition, it is partnering with Mozilla to bring the Firefox Reality browser to the Vive and is partnering with Amazon to make it easier to develop VR sites for AWS users.

HTC also gave a look at Vive Reality, software that allows users to watch videos and play games, as well as an environment where multiple users can meet. Part of that is Lens, which allows users to transport themselves to other virtual worlds.