How To Use iPhone As Webcam For Your PC or MAC

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Although iPhone’s can be used as a webcam, it’s never going to mimic the webcam in the traditional sense. Smartphones basically record the phone’s camera stream and then send it to the PC or MAC. Here are few working methods to use iPhone as a webcam for your PC and MAC.

1. Using WebCamera

WebCamera iOS app can be used to turn an iPhone or iPad into a high-quality wireless webcam with a microphone. It depends on a WiFi connection to stream the iOS device’s camera content to the PC.  Here is how to use WebCamera to turn iPhone as a wireless webcam for Desktop.

Step 1. Install WebCamera, an iOS app, to connect your device camera to your PC wirelessly.

Step 2. Now you need to download and install a tool that is called Mobiola web Camera. This tool provides a wireless connection between devices. 

Step 3. Now connect both the devices on the same WiFi network. 

You can now try out Skype or another network to test your webcam working properly.

Alternatives Apps

Here is a list of Android has apps that turn smartphones camera into a webcam. Follow these steps to use iPhone camera as Webcam:

  • Install an iPhone app from the list
  • Download the desktop client of Corresponding webcam app
  • Install the app on your iPhone and enjoy

1. iCam

2. IP Cam

3. Air Cam Live Video

4. EpocCam Wireless Virtual Computer Webcam

5. iVCam Webcam

6. AtHome Camera Security App


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