Horizon Forbidden West Patch Doesn’t Fix Camera Brightness Fluctuations Yet

Guerilla Games has released its first patch for Horizon Forbidden West. This 1.05 patch fixes a number of issues and causes of crashes, but an issue where the brightness fluctuates while using the camera has not yet been resolved.

Guerilla Games has published the full patch notes on Reddit. In addition to the list of resolved issues, some issues that have not yet been resolved are also mentioned. The most important are ‘multiple graphics issues’ related to camera movement. There can then be brightness fluctuations and issues such as shimmers, sharpening and color saturation changes. The developer says it is looking at this problem with ‘high priority’.

earlier indicated the company that this particular shimmer problem had already been solved. Players had to restart their game twice: the first time to download the fix and the second time to activate the fix. However, players quickly reported that this fix had no effect and Guerilla Games now confirms in patch 1.05 that this issue may still be present.

John Linneman of Digital Foundry reported previously mentioned that the image quality in Horizon Forbidden West’s Performance mode isn’t great. He attributes this to the way in which anti-aliasing is applied, which leads to ‘a lot of noise’. Linneman said he did not expect this to be solved in a patch.

Vincent Teoh of the YouTube channel HDTVTest shows in a recent video how the brightness drops slightly while moving the camera, then goes up again when the camera is no longer moved. This effect is most noticeable when the game’s Resolution mode is set, but it is still visible in Performance mode.

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