HomeComputerMuseum of tweaker opens doors on March 17th

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The HomeComputerMuseum that tweaker WHiZZi has set up will open its doors to the public on Saturday 17 March. From then on, the museum’s collection of home computers can be viewed every Wednesday through Sunday.

The opening will take place on Saturday 17 March at 12:00 pm at the location at Kluisstraat 3-5 in Helmond. WHiZZi, or Bart van den Akker, has been working since the end of 2016 to house his collection of home computers in his own HomeComputerMuseum.

In the building in Helmond, he now exhibits the systems in a real-time environment. The museum is divided into various rooms, each of which shows its own image of the era, from 1975 and with a lot of attention for systems from the eighties and nineties.

The collection includes MSX, Commodore, Philips and Tandy computers, many of which can be seen working. In addition to a museum, the property also houses a movie theater, repair center, parts and book store, and an arcade café.

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