Hitman 3 will appear exclusively on PC in the Epic Store for a year

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The PC version of Hitman 3 will be available exclusively in the Epic Store for twelve months after release in January 2021. That makes developer IO Interactive known. There is also a new trailer for the game, which shows the location Dartmoor.

IO Interactive reports that pre-orders for Hitman 3 may be placed later this month. It was already known that the game would be released for PS4 and 5, the Xbox Series X and Xbox One, Google Stadia and the PC in January next year, but the temporary exclusivity for the Epic Store was not yet. Players can transfer their progression in Hitman 2 on Steam to Hitman 3 on Epic’s platform, the maker promises. Players can also import locations from the two previous Hitman games to the Epic Game Store.

At the same time, a new trailer for the game has been released. It is about the Thornbridge Mystery mission in Dartmoor, England, a place that, according to the studio, ‘has a reputation for myths, legends and mysteries’. The player can assume the role of a detective and must try to find out how a victim was killed. At the same time, a target must still be eliminated.

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