Hackers steal crypto coins from KuCoin exchange

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The cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has been invaded by hackers, as a result of which the digital wallets of a large number of customers have been emptied. Some $ 150 million was allegedly stolen, but customers are assured for this.

The Singapore-based exchange discovered on Saturday morning local time that hackers had entered the systems, through a number of suspicious transactions. In addition, so-called hot wallets, crypto wallets that are connected to the internet, were emptied. KuCoin did not mention how much was stolen, but according to ZDnet it is a value of approximately 150 million dollars. The hackers have not been able to steal anything from the so-called cold wallets, which are not connected to the internet.

Various crypto coins, including bitcoin, were stolen during the theft. Customers who have had to deal with the theft receive compensation, because KuCoin is insured against theft. The exchange is also investigating the hack, and until then it is not possible to withdraw anything from the digital wallets.

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