GSC Game World shows new teaser of Stalker 2

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Ukrainian game developer GCS Game World has shown a teaser of STALKER 2. They state that it is in-engine footage and serves as a ‘gameplay teaser’, although no actual gameplay can be seen.

IGN has been given the green light by the STALKER developer to post the images on YouTube. Several well-known elements from the earlier games can be seen: destroyed buildings, wild natural landscapes, campfires with acoustic guitars and, most important of all, the anomalies. These are phenomena that violate the laws of nature and pose great dangers to people. These come in the form of electrical, telekinetic, or fiery appearances, for example.

“This is what the game feels like,” the developer states in the video’s description. “Rapid changes of scenery, ominous landscapes and an ever-present sense of inescapable danger”. The trailer that came out earlier this year already evoked the same impressions. The studio really seems to be going for the same atmosphere as the previous games, but with a much newer graphic look.

The games take place in and around the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. In the fiction of the games, at some point after the nuclear disaster in the 1980s, there is a moment when supernatural phenomena began to take place in the so-called nuclear exclusion zone. However, this was accompanied by the appearance of artifacts, objects with special powers. Multiple different parties compete for control of the zone to keep the artifacts to themselves.

STALKER 2 should be released sometime in 2021 for Xbox Series S and X and PCs. The last game in the franchise was Call of Pripyat, which came out in 2009. The first game came out in 2007 and this part has been worked on since 2010.

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