Google Translate app can automatically recognize and translate language on camera image

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The live-translation camera image function in the Google Translate app will have the option to automatically recognize the language. This option has been available for text for years, but has not worked with images until now.

The new function should help users to translate traffic signs while traveling, for example, without knowing which language it is, Google reports. Plus, it now works in many more languages, says the search giant. More than sixty will be added and as a result it now works in 88 languages. Arabic, Hindi and Vietnamese have been added, among others.

The new version of the app now also uses Neural Machine Translation for better results, something that has been in the text version of Translate since 2016. Users can also pre-download many of the languages, meaning that translations into many languages ​​do not require an on-site internet connection. Google says the Translate app will get an update soon with the new features.

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