Google to expand Wi-Fi and broadband internet in Cuba

Google has reached an agreement with the Cuban government to set up infrastructure for Wi-Fi and broadband access on the island. President Obama hinted that during his visit to Cuba.

President Obama told ABC that internet access is one of the areas that will change in Cuba. “Access to the Internet gives the Cuban people more information and allows them to have more of a voice,” the president said. Details about the role that Google will play are not yet available. Google does not respond to questions from American media about this.

Less than 5 percent of Cubans have internet access. Google has wanted to bring internet to the island for some time, but the Communist Party has held off until now. Last July, according to the Miami Herald, Google submitted a proposal to the Cubans to improve internet access quickly and cheaply via Wi-Fi, among other things.

The Havana Times then reported that the Communist Party kindly thanked them for installing free Wi-Fi access points. “Some parties want to give us free internet but they don’t do it to let the Cuban people communicate. Their goal is to invade our country and do ideological work to conquer us,” said the party’s second man, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, have said.