Google starts distributing Fuchsia OS to all Nest Hub users

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Google has begun rolling out Fuchsia OS to all users of the 2018 Nest Hub. This update was previously available to users in the Preview Program, but in the near future all users will be able to install the OS.

Last week, Google updated the firmware page for Google Nest Hub and the company announced that it would bring the Preview Program firmware to all users. Confirmed against 9to5google Google that it concerns the Fuchsia OS firmware, with version number 1.52.260996. This update has been available to Preview Program users since May.

The update allows consumers to use Fuchsia OS for the first time. Fuchsia was first intended as a project to experiment with new ideas and techniques. It has since become a general-purpose open source OS with a focus on security, updates and performance. The operating system was not developed around a Linux kernel, but based on a Zircon kernel developed by Google.

Owners of the 2018 model of the Nest Hub probably won’t notice much of the update. For example, no new features are coming to the device. However, 9to5google says based on the experiences of colleagues that the device seems to work faster than before.

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