Among Us Creators Are Displeased With New Impostor Mode In Fortnite

The team behind the popular game Among Us is not very pleased with Fortnite Impostors. This is a new, temporary mode that Epic Games has added to Fortnite. The name and features of this mode are very reminiscent of Among Us.

On Twitter, community manager Victoria Tran of Among Us developer Innersloth says to have no objections that specific game mechanics are adopted, but that different themes and terminology would have made the new mode more interesting. She indicates that it would have been nice to have Innersloth as an indie developer could have worked with Epic Games. A Unity programmer and colleague of hers can’t hide her disappointment and that applies also for fellow programmer Gary Porter.

A co-founder of Innersloth, Marcus Bromander, said on Twitter that the company has not patented any of the Among Us mechanisms, which he says “will not lead to a healthy gaming industry.” “Is it really that difficult to put in ten percent more effort to give it your own twist?” he writes in an accusatory tone. According to him Innersloth actually tried to partner with Epic Games. Tran has informed PC Gamer that Innersloth, like everyone else, only now heard about the arrival of the new Fortnite mode.

Fortnite Impostors revolves around ten players, eight of whom are agents and two impostors or impostors. The game takes place in a submarine where, just like in Among Us, the agents have to perform tasks, while the impostors have to sabotage that and take out the agents. In Fortnite mode, the agents can call a meeting to exchange information in order to remove any suspicious players via a vote. There are differences at the level of detail, such as that there are no corpses in Fortnite Impostors, emotes are usable, it takes place in a secret base instead of in a spaceship and that a large part of the tasks also have to do with Fortnite.

It’s not the first time there has been a degree of criticism about how Epic Games incorporates certain ideas, genres, mechanics, or concepts from other games into Fortnite. Originally Fortnite was not a battle royale game. That wasn’t built in until later, something PUBG Corporation couldn’t appreciate. Her then-existing game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was built on the basis of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, with Epic engineers also helping develop PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

This point of copying another game has also been brought up to Innersloth on Twitter. The accusation is that Among Us has in a certain sense taken the concept of the live party game Mafia, also known as Werewolf, and adapted something. Over there Bromander responded to with the response that if Warner Bros. For example, the Nemesis System from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor could patent and Square Enix could patent the Active Time Battle system from Final Fantasy, while Innersloth could also patent the task systems from Among Us. That is probably not what the indie studio intends given its earlier position, but with this Bromander indicates that it should be possible in theory.