Google Stadia will get 400 new games in the coming years

Google Stadia has a roadmap of about 400 games that are in development for the streaming service. It concerns titles from 200 developers. The games should be released in the coming years.

Jack Buser, director of games at Stadia, cites the numbers in an interview with MobileSyrup. He says that the planning for 2021 is almost complete and that the team is working on 2022 and is looking forward to 2023. It is not yet known when the hundreds of games will become available, but that will be over the next few years, says Buser. .

It is not known which games or developers are involved. Most likely it concerns games that are also developed for other platforms, such as the PC and consoles, and also come to Stadia. Google has also set up its own studio that works on exclusive games for the streaming service. From time to time titles appear exclusively on Stadia as a result of collaborations with other studios.

According to Buser, the number of exclusive titles on Stadia will increase rapidly and it will also become visible how cloud games will have features that are not possible on other platforms. One of the promises of cloud gaming is that developers have fewer restrictions, because there is no need to take into account systems in users’ homes. Until now, this has not yielded any games that differ significantly from existing games.

Currently there are about 100 games available through Stadia, according to a list that Android Police keeps. That list also includes about 50 games that have been announced and will come to the streaming service at a later date. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order hit Stadia this week, and Cyberpunk 2077 is also coming to Stadia. That happens with the release on December 10th.