‘Intel will generate most turnover from chips in 2020, AMD, Nvidia and TSMC are growing fast’

Intel maintains its lead this year in terms of turnover from chip deliveries. This is what research agency IC Insights states in its annual report. However, there is not much growth at Intel. This is the case with AMD, Nvidia and TSMC, among others.

According to IC Insights, Intel will generate sales of $ 73.9 billion from chip deliveries for the whole of 2020. That is an increase of 4 percent compared to last year. This makes Intel still the largest chip supplier worldwide when it comes to turnover. Samsung is in second place with an estimated turnover of about $ 60.5 billion, an increase of 9 percent. TSMC retains its third place, but is growing fast. Revenue this year would be 45.4 billion dollars, which is 31 percent more than last year.

The Top 15 Semiconductor Sales Leaders that IC Insights compiles annually not only include chip manufacturers, but also companies such as Apple, AMD, Nvidia and Qualcomm, who have their chips made by foundries of TSMC and Samsung.

Nvidia is the largest grower. The company’s chips are said to be worth $ 15.9 billion in sales, 50 percent more than last year. With that, Nvidia rises from tenth to eighth place. AMD enters new in the top 15, in last place. AMD’s chips are worth $ 9.5 billion, 41 percent more than last year.

IC Insights puts Apple in 13th place and calls it exceptional, because it is the only manufacturer to design chips that only end up in its own products. So those chips are not sold separately, but the research agency estimates that they represent a value of more than 10 billion dollars, which is 25 percent more than last year. Qualcomm and MediaTek are also growing fast, both with 35 percent. The companies are respectively sixth and eleventh in the rankings.

According to IC Insights, the strong growth at TSMC is due in large part to deliveries of 5nm and 7nm socs for Apple and HiSilicon. The latter is Huawei’s chip division. TSMC also makes AMD Ryzen processors, Radeon video cards and the chips in the Xbox Series X and S and PlayStation 5 on its 7nm process.

The total chip market will grow by 13 percent this year to $ 355.4 billion, IC Insights estimates. The growth is twice what was initially expected. Last year, the turnover from chips from the suppliers of the top 15 fell by 15 percent compared to a year earlier.