Google Releases Latest Developer Preview of Android 12

Google has released the third and final Developer Preview of Android 12. Starting next month, only betas of the new version of the mobile OS will be released. The new version adds splash screens to every app, among other things.

Android automatically generates the splash screen based on the app icon and a color, so developers don’t have to do anything, reports Google. There will be tools to adjust the splash screen with, for example, your own colors or animations. The new feature clashes with current splash screens in apps, because then the user sees two splash screens in succession. Google recommends developers to look into that.

In addition, Android will no longer ask for web links that lead to an app in which app they want to open it. Instead, apps can claim a default and with an intent have their app open automatically when clicking on such a link. Now there is another selection screen before Android opens an app based on a link.

The new Developer Preview contains some other novelties, such as standard support for high-resolution cameras. Manufacturers now have to implement this separately. There will also be more options to control modern vibration motors for more detailed haptic feedback.

This is the third and final Developer Preview, Google says. The first beta will follow in May, and the final release will be at the end of the summer. The Developer Previews are only for Google’s own phones from the 2018 Pixel 3 onwards.