AR headset Magic Leap 2 with dual field-of-view coming this year

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AR company Magic Leap will release its second headset before the end of the year. The CEO said so in an interview. The headset is half the size of its predecessor, but has a double field-of-view compared to the Magic Leap One.

The headset is called Magic Leap 2 and will be available from the end of this year through an early adopter program, after which the headset will be more widely available from early next year, CEO Peggy Johnson said in an interview with Protocol.

The headset is 20 percent lighter than its predecessor and is half the size. The first Magic Leap has a weight of around 350 grams, making it obvious that the headset comes out around 280 grams. That should improve wearing comfort. The Magic Leap One’s field-of-view is 40 degrees, so double that would equate to 80 degrees. There are no specs or images of the Magic Leap 2 yet.

The American company no longer focuses on consumers, but makes the glasses for enterprise applications. It pays a lot of attention to health care. How that is reflected in the design and software of the new headset is unclear.

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