Google makes firmware Titan M security chip from Pixel 3 opensource

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Google makes the source code of the firmware of its Titan M security chips available under an open source license. Security experts can therefore check the code for any imperfections.

Google gives the source code “completely free” somewhere in the coming months, reports Xiaowen Xin, project manager security at Google, to Wired . Google unveiled at the announcement of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL that it had integrated a self-designed security chip into the smartphones.

In an explanation Google clarified that the chip should help secure the boot procedure and play a role in the storage of user access codes and decryption if the correct code is entered on the lock screen. In addition, the chip provides for the storage of private keys, including apps from third parties, and helps the hardware with authorization, including for payments.

The Titan M is a reduced version of the Titan chip . ] that Google uses for the servers of the Google Cloud Platform . This chip includes a coprocessor for cryptography, a hardware random number generator own ram and shielded flash storage.

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