Google is working on VPN service for Android

Google is said to be working on a VPN service for public Wi-Fi networks. Someone has found indications for this in the most recent version of Android 5.1, the operating system that appeared at the beginning of this week.

Pocketables discovered a new application in the Android 5.1 settings. That program, Google Connectivity Services, offers the possibility to set up a VPN connection via Google. A separate activity must first be run for this.

The Pocketables editor was using a Nexus 6 when he made the discovery. He was shown a message on his screen stating that he can use a Google VPN for public WiFi networks. Despite that, he was unable to connect to the service. It is therefore not certain whether the VPN service will actually be made available to the public.

Google announced Android 5.1 on Monday. That update to Android Lollipop brings a number of new features, such as better locking against unauthorized access and support for HD Voice and multiple SIM cards. The first images appeared online on Tuesday.