Software Update: Adobe Flash Player & AIR

Adobe has released version 17 of Flash Player and the Integrated Runtime. With Adobe Flash Player it is possible to play Flash content, mainly SWF files, on the computer. Popular video sites such as YouTube and Google Video, among others, offer their visitors the opportunity to play videos with the stand-alone Flash Player. Adobe AIR provides a cross-platform environment for developing and playing so-called Rich Internet Applications. The release notes for this release can be found below.

New Features

  • Flash Player Control Panel Improvements
    The system control panel will now display the currently installed version of Flash Player’s ActiveX, NPAPI, and PPAPI plugins. We’ve also clarified how Chrome and Chromium (PPAPI) users can edit their Flash Player settings.
  • Flash Player Mac Installer Improvements
    The Mac installer will no longer request users close the Chrome browser during installation. In future versions we’ll work to further improve the user experience of our installers.
  • ADT Packaging Time Improvement with Support for Parallel Compilation for iOS
    AIR 16 introduced support for compilation and packaging of iOS applications for both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. With this improvement, we can now compile 32 and 64 bit architecture in parallel to cut packaging times up to 50 percent.
  • VideoTexture Support in AIR for Windows, Mac and iOS
    We’ve introduced a new ActionScript feature that allows hardware accelerated video to be used as a source texture in a Stage3D environment. Currently, using video with Stage3D requires the use of the Video object, which is not accelerated, and manipulation of the bitmap representations of the video frames. This new feature, called VideoTexture, allows direct access to a texture object that is sourced from a Netstream or Camera object. As of the first Flash Player 17 this feature is back and now available on AIR Mac, Windows and iOS. Look for Android support in an upcoming release. Please see the VideoTexture blog post for implementation details.
  • Stage3D – Standard Extended Profile for AIR Mobile
    In recent releases of the Runtime we’ve added support for Standard and Standard Constrained Stage3D profiles. With AIR 17 we’re adding a new Standard Extended Profile for iOS and Android devices that support GLES3. Availability of the “standardExtended” profile indicates the availability of AGAL3. The same profile name can then be used in requestContext3D and requestContext3DMatchingProfiles methods of Stage3D.
    The “standardExtended” profile requires OpenGL ES 3.0 which is present on many high end smartphones and tablets. AGAL3 increases register limits for vertex attributes, fragment constants and tokens. While we’re focusing on mobile first, we anticipate bringing this functionality to the desktop in a future update.
    To assemble the new AGAL, ​​update (AGAL v3) from

Fixed Issues


  • [iOS simulator] On packaging ipa for simulator with Xcode 5, “ Application architecture is not supported on ios” error message appears.
  • [iOS] App Crashes when publishing app with deployment Ad hoc + Fast packager with Feathers Button and Bitmap Fonts (Bug 3936675)
  • [iOS] Runtime Error #1074 while initializing app, if static constant is defined in Class. (Bug 3936578)
  • [Android] Cameraroll API doesn’t work with Android Photos applications. (Bug 3913530)
  • [Android] Crash in Air for Android for Netconnection.connect() (Bug 3862022)
  • App screen does not render properly for fraction of seconds (ie flickers) but gradually gets rendered properly on first rotation but gradually gets rendered properly. (Bug 3929295)
  • App Crashes while pressing the backspace in Text Field. (bug 3936267)
  • When hideAneLibSymbols flag is set to “yes”, ANEs that have external frameworks cause the ADT packager to fail with this error: ld: in section __DATA,__objc_classrefs reloc 9: R_ABS reloc but no absolute symbol at target address for architecture arm64, Compilation failed while executing : ld64
  • Packaging fails with error “Unable to find llvm JNI lib in”, when application is packaged with -useLegacyAOT yes option. (Bug 3932107)
  • [Android] Bold text formatting doesn’t work on Android device (3682719)
  • [HMAOT] App crashes on launch when using the Parsely framework, works fine with GOAOT (3741144)
  • [Android] [Samsung-Specific] Korean characters are displayed as blank box on the TextField in Galaxy Note 2/Android 4.4/AIR 4.0 (3861607)
  • [iOS] CFBundleVersion value can’t be more than 99 for iOS (3847816)
  • Application UI items are not click able after changing application rotation to landscape from portrait. (Bug 3924470)
  • Screen does not render properly when enter foreground from background. (Bug 3919996)
  • Application crashes on launch on iOS devices when packaged with WIN SDK. (Bug 3944379)
  • Banner Ads gets clipped in landscape mode with StageAd ANE. (Bug 3939855)
  • Status bar starts appearing after returning back to stage from camera roll UI for a full screen application. (Bug 3935723)
  • [iPhone Only] Keyboard changes its orientation from landscape to portrait, if user comes back to stage from camera roll UI. (Bug 3935721)
  • [Windows] After installing the latest version of iTunes adt -devices -platform ios command cannot detect the connected ios device. Please note that the latest AIR SDK now requires iTunes or higher. (Bug 3933524)
  • [AIR Desktop]Adobe Air Application Crash Run Time.(3915184)
  • [AIR Desktop] Graphical Glitches when bitmap scaling property is set to some negative value and smoothing property set to true.(3938680)

Flash Player

  • CrossBridge applications break after FP version >= 16.(3938269)
  • [Chromium 394217] Wrong text displayed with embedded fonts.(3782659)
  • Multiple security and stability fixes

Security Enhancements

Known Issues


  • ld error “ld: in , unsupported address encoding (13) of personality function in CIE for architecture arm64 Compilation failed while executing : ld64″ when packaging with WIN SDK. (3950027)
  • Keyboard Orientation did not changed from Portrait to landscape after setting stage aspect ratio to landscape and the text area moves upwards.(3948135)
  • [iPhone 6 +] Inverted launch image is displayed for split sec when device kept at rotated right Landscape orientation (AspectRatio is landscape and AutoOrients is false). (3945071)
  • [iPhone 6 +] if Landscape image is not provided for iphone 6+, Stretched Portrait launch image is displayed when application is launched in landscape mode. (3945056)
  • [iPhone 6+][Upside down]: Inverted launch image is displayed, if device is kept at upsidedown position and AO is portrait and AR true. (3945046)
  • Stage alignment get distorted on returning back from Camera UI. (3946793)
  • [Air Desktop] Graphical glitches when rotating an element inside of a sprite.(3949851)
  • [Air Desktop] Create VideoTexture when application window is not active cause video not render but sound playback.(3939033)
  • [Air Desktop] [Video Texture] Glitches in Video on Intel 4400 Graphics Card on Window 7.(3937062)
  • [Air Desktop] [Video Texture] Video is not playing if texture is used as ConcreteTexture of starling.(3949908)

Version number &
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Adobe
License type Freeware